Road Department

The Road Department performs routine maintenance and repair of more than 25 miles of roads, sidewalks, and public storm sewers.  Seasonal maintenance projects such as mowing, and snow removal services are also provided by this department.  The Road department is equipped to handle most all the routine street maintenance including but not limited to filling pot holes, repairing curb and guttering, painting crosswalks, street parking, and street signs.  Maintenance projects keep the department very busy and account for most of their time.

Snow Removal

How it works

Snow removal operations are conducted when driving conditions become hazardous.  Though it is the department’s desire to plow all streets, priority is given to keeping emergency snow routes, major thoroughfares, major intersections and school zones open. Only after these areas are cleared and remain clear, will the crews move into residential areas.


Managed by the Electric Company

The City is NOT responsible for maintaining and replacing Streetlights throughout the community. If you have a streetlight that is flickering or out completely, please call your electric company to report it. If you contact City Hall to report an issue, we will take the information and pass it along however we cannot guarantee the light will be repaired.

Empire Electric1-800-206-2300

Ozark Electric417-725-5160

Call Before You Dig

Call Missouri 1 Call

The City would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that before they dig or excavate for such projects, they need to have all underground utilities marked to avoid damage as a result of construction. Residents can call Missouri One Call at 1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483) or Dial 811 to arrange for the member utilities, including cable, phone and gas as well as City water and sewer, to come and mark these underground lines. Missouri One Call can also be accessed on the web at The cost is free to the resident in both cases.